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Silver Pyramid
silver jewelry, crystals, minerals

Silver Pyramid

Metaphysical Store in Richardson, TX


101 S Coit Rd #102, Richardson, TX 75080, United States


Mon-Sat: 10:30am-6:30pm
Sun: 12pm-5:30pm


(972) 690-6388

About Silver Pyramid

Silver Pyramid, a distinctive metaphysical store, is conveniently located in the heart of Dal-Rich Towne Square. With over 35 years of operation, it holds the proud title of being the oldest metaphysical store in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area. The store has carved a niche for itself in the market with its unique offerings and services. It is not just a store, but a spiritual haven where people can explore and experience the mystical world of metaphysics.

Renowned for its vast collection of sterling silver jewelry, Silver Pyramid is a treasure trove for those seeking unique pieces. The store’s inventory is not limited to jewelry alone; it also boasts a wide array of crystals, minerals, and gems sourced from various corners of the world. These items are popular among customers for their beauty and the positive energy they radiate. Whether you’re a gem enthusiast or a spiritual seeker, the store’s diverse collection is sure to captivate your interest.

But Silver Pyramid is more than just a retail store. It’s a hub of spiritual learning and growth, offering workshops, classes, and services aimed at enriching the spiritual lives of its patrons. Services like Taro Readings and Reiki are available to those who wish to delve deeper into the metaphysical realm. The store has fostered a supportive and welcoming environment, encouraging individuals to freely explore and experience the energy of crystals. Whether you’re just embarking on your spiritual journey or are already well along the path, Silver Pyramid provides the tools and guidance you need to continue your exploration.

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